Monday, August 30, 2010

Madonna is invited for a performance at the VMA 2010

MTV has sent an invitation to Madonna for her 2010 VMA opening in Los Angeles on September 12. The opening performance was meant to be a threesome between the queen of pop, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. But Britney working on her new album announced that he would be present at the ceremony. So it could be a duet with Lady is still possible, because we know that Madonna has very good relations with her.

We sincerely believe that participation by Madonna at this point would be somewhat believable, plus she is directing "WE". A performance with Lady Gaga also is somewhat believable but hopefully even more news.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Madonna's Daughter sense of Style

Lourdes Leon, Material Girl, Madonna

Lourdes Leon, daughter of queen of pop Madonna surprised a lot with her curious and strange look which is very "dark".

Lourdes, 13, was spotted visiting her mom who is recording her first film "We" as a director. Her eyes outlined in black and was wearing dark stockings. Also wore combat boots and a small shirt.

However, what caught my attention from the paparazzi was the bracelet with a marijuana leaf.

Lucho Jacob, Madonna Argentine Model

Lucho Jacob, Madonna, Argentine Model

Lucho Jacob is bahiense, is 27 years old and after starring in the latest campaign for Dolce & Gabbana with Madonna became one of the promises of international fashion. Here, he tells the details of that photo shoot and reveals how the queen of pop in privacy.

He was standing on the seashore, more precisely in Pinamar, when someone approached him and said: "You you have to try your luck with the modeling, you could be very successful in Paris and Milan". Explains Lucho (Civil Agency) who disbelieved from the outset of this proposal. Upon returning from vacation, and already finished secondary, received from her parents fateful question: "What you going to do?". Two minutes it took to take the great decision that was to become manequin. "It was the first thing that popped into my head laburar not" fun features and adds: "I knew nothing of the world of fashion, I just knew that there was Pancho Dotto and Ricardo Pineiro and parameter-count". That was how did odd jobs in Buenos Aires until a booker Milan saw him and took him to Italy to work. "My old did not like at all the idea settle in Europe. I wanted to try their luck in New York, but I had refused the visa, "he says. But coincidences and luck, of course, made to perform again this procedure and within three weeks to fly to the Big Apple's unexpected call came: part of the latest campaign for Dolce & Gabbana, nothing more and nothing less than with Madonna.

How did this great opportunity?

-I met her exclusive photographer Steven Klein called and they took care of the graph of D & G. With him we did an editorial in Buenos Aires for almost two years and you see that he liked my work. When Madonna came to do the concerts because he introduced me opportunities to do the production that made Jesus Luz for W magazine At that time he did not, but with perseverance, patience and without histeriqueos (laughs) I could work with.

-When you chose for the campaign, did you know that was going to be with her?
-No, I just found out two weeks to do it. My first thought was: "Wow, the hit: not much more than this in the world of fashion". And so, because the photo had a very big impact and I called to make graphics for Bottega Veneta and Express.

How was working with Madonna?

-Great. It surprised me in several ways. For starters, he remembered me and came straight to kiss me. And that I saw only one night! I was struck by how clear is how this whole business. You feel like you're one step ahead of the rest, because beyond being Madonna, is a mine who treated us as equals. The wine production served him and she asked what we also give us, that is a gesture that is worth noting, because it indicates the good vibes I had for's reassure us.

At no time had the air of diva?

She did not, but those who were around him treated her as such. Neither saw much, because trying to optimize the time to the maximum and just finished a decision they took her. There was a very tense climate in the production of pressure she was there, but Madonna generated opposite. I found it very simple, respectful and above all some believed.

And how was taking a picture with her?

-Hard. I did not know what to say, because I did not feel a turnip. The scene was very funny, because I was also a lady with another chicken (which finally appeared in the socket). She was the owner of the grocery store, a client Madonna, and I the "bun" of chicken (laughs). She was re-crazy and talking to the animals (which, incidentally, also had two bodyguards) to "convince" that give a kiss, then Madonna looked at me surprised and said: "This mine is sick in the head" . That's when he tried to leave the scene, and by the sudden movement, the hen began to flutter and she dropped to the floor to grab her and I, that I could not miss that chance, too. So it became the famous photo. It was my big moment, sure I will not forget for the rest of my life.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dance 4 A Chance to Meet Madonna

Madonna, Material Girl
Madonna will have auditions for dancers for the launch party of "Material Girl", her clothing line, one of the judges will be the dancer Hypnosis. The public vote for the 20 most talented, and Madonna will choose from those 20, only the top 10.